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Really.  I couldn’t think of a good title for this post.  I took a bit of a hiatus for a new J.O.B.  I gained some new awarenesses in that process and will begin sharing those over the next few days, weeks, months.  In the meantime, I look forward to getting back to writing and business and having FUN!

AND spring is HERE!!! YAY!!  How does it get any better than that?!?!

In Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!


I know, I know.  I can hear you all right now…

But Sarah, you don’t know MY situation.  And you don’t know how much I’ve struggled my entire life.  And if I JUST had money, then all my struggles would go away and I’d be alright.

I hear you!  Really.

And I’m here to tell you money is not the key here.

Money won’t solve your problems.
Money won’t make you happy.
Money won’t get you a man or woman.
Money won’t make you like yourself.

Money won’t do anything for you…except maybe buy some groceries and stuff.

So, what is the key?

The key lies in you.  YOU are the key.
YOU have the knowing to solve your problems.
YOU get to choose to be happy.
YOU attract a man or woman into your life.
YOU can choose to like yourself….or not…..your choice.

Why is it that we are always searching all around us for the KEY?

If I had (insert “perfect job” here), then I’d be happy.
If I had Mr/Ms Right, then I’d be happy.
If I had children, then I’d be happy.
If I had a bigger house, then I’d be happy.
If I had money, then I’d be happy.
….blah, blah, blah….

Here’s an interesting point of view to ponder over a bit….

If you were filled with joy despite a lack of money or a lover or that “perfect job” or whatever else, then would it be easier to attract those things into your life?

Let’s look at it a slightly different way here.  If you went on a date with Eeyore, would you wanna have a second date?  If you interviewed Eeyore, would you wanna hire him/her?  If you went into Eeyore’s house to play and he complained that there’s never enough of you to go around (like people tend to do with money), would you wanna stick around???

If you put yourself in the shoes of the other side, do you blame them for not wanting to be around someone who seems to never be satisfied.

Who would you choose to spend time with?






I know my money’s on the girl who’s smiling and dancing and having fun!!

Isn’t yours???

Let’s look at the girl in the first picture…She looks crabby.  She has her hand up.  And even energetically, she is communicating, “Get the hell away from me.”

The girl in the second picture is laughing and dancing.  She is surrounded by other people who are likely having fun too.  And energetically, she is communicating, “Come join the party!!”

What if I’m the first picture?

If you find that you are the first picture and you are sending out the “Get the hell away from me vibe”….YAY YOU for acknowledging it.  Now, put your barriers to receiving DOWN.  That’s right.  Drop those barriers right now.  And every time you find yourself creating barriers…DROP THEM!!!  It’s a work in progress…every day, maybe even every minute…you may have to remind yourself to put those barriers down.

YOU are the only one who can put them up or take them down…your choice.

And don’t you think money would rather be with the girl in the second picture too.

So, what would it take to send out an energetic message that says,

Hey!  I’m having SOOO much fun!  Wouldn’t you like to come and play with me too???  We can party and enjoy life and have more fun than we ever imagined!!  Come join MY party!!!

What if you could let go of all the limitation that keeps you on the outside of the party?  Click here for more info!!!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


I read an incredible story a few months ago that spoke to me.  It spoke in a way that I had a desire to go back and read it again and again.   (Hey!  That wouldn’t be a bad idea either!  Reminders aren’t a bad thing.)

How often do we stroll through life on autopilot?

I’m sure you see it all the time.

In fact, I’d bet you’ve DONE it.  I know I have.  Driven to a place that I’m quite familiar with and arrive wondering if I’d stopped at all the appropriate places.  Walked through a store not noticing a single person along the way.   Sat through a movie or television show and not been able to recall what it was about.

We live in this beautiful and magnificent place filled with beautiful and magnificent beings and most of us are on autopilot and don’t even notice!

What would it take for us to wake up?  To see those around us?  To be grateful for us and for them?


What does being present look like for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  I’d enjoy reading your shares about times when you’ve been present and times when you haven’t and what you learned from both experiences.
In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!

A Bad Day

My DEAR friend Dean Larson posted on FB the other day:

How long does a bad day last? Think about a “bad day” you’ve had, where everything went wrong. How many things actually went wrong? 3? 6? 18? How long do things going wrong last, 3 seconds, half an hour, an hour?

When I think about the bad days that I used to create huge trauma and drama over, it occurs to me that the day actually went like this. I couldn’t find my car keys and I was almost late for school. I misplaced a bunch of corrected papers I was going to return to the kids. It snowed, so I had to shovel my way into the garage.

Everything that constituted my bad day took less than 25 minutes. But the day is 1440 minutes long–that left 1415 minutes where bad things weren’t happening. So, by judging that 25 minutes and blowing them out of proportion, I messed up an entired day that I could have enjoyed. That’s why the concept “Everything (good and bad) comes to me with ease, joy and glory” is so powerful.

And, of course, it got me thinking.

Why do we insist on taking a few bad things and making them last a day? Or a week? Or a lifetime?

I’ve met people who say, “I’ve had a bad life.”



What if….

…instead of taking a few moments and turning them into a day, we just acknowledged those moments and let them go?

…instead of taking a few moments and turning them into a day and then turning that day into a week, we acknowledge those moments (and our own propensity for drama, apparently) and let it ALL go??

What would life look like from that angle?

In fact!

I’d like to invite you to that possibility today.

Would you be willing to let go of whatever is weighing you down?  Would you be willing to have some gratitude for the smallest of good things?  Would you be willing to have gratitude for the biggest of bad things? (Ouch! That one hurt a bit, huh? Would you just give it a try?!!)

Would you be willing to embody…

ALL of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!

My boyfriend and I have this puppy.  He is a PUPPY!  I mean, Mo is more puppy than any puppy I ever recall meeting.  He is 18 months of pure puppy.

Mo doesn’t walk much of anywhere.  Mo bounces and bucks and dances and prances every where he goes.

Mo LOVES a bone!  He rolls around on it.  He tosses it into the air.  He pounces on it.  He chases it around the driveway.  He chews on it with his butt stuck up toward the sky, tail wagging.

Mo LOVES pets.  Touch him and watch him melt into a puddle of goo.  Put your hand on him and his eyes turn back in his head and he gets this look on his face that speaks of pure bliss.

Mo even loves to pee.  When he goes outside to do his puppy business, he closes his eyes and looks as though only orgasmic thoughts are permeating his mind in those few moments.

What is it about exuberance?

What is everyone so afraid of?

This is a puppy that loves life.  I mean, L-O-V-E-S life!!!  A roll in the grass feels like heaven.  I dip in the creek is exhilarating.  A walk in the park is worthy of full-body rejoicing.

Kids are a lot like this too…

At least until we tell them to stop acting like a child and grow up.


What the heck is that?!

Hey, you’re just a kid and all but stop acting like a child and grow the hell up.

Seriously, how twisted is that?!

What else might be possible?

If I enjoyed life as much as Mo, and if more people on this planet enjoyed life as much as Mo, what might happen?

What if I went to my job with the exuberance with which Mo goes hunting?
What if I went outside and rolled in the grass?
What if I laughed loud and danced and jumped?
What if I LOVED life?

What if YOU LOVED life??

I’d love to give you an “assignment” with this one.  I’d like to challenge you to push outside of your comfort zone and live a pure…delicious…exuberant life.

Would you be willing to live a pure and unadulterated life?

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!

Be Unrealistic

To move beyond the grim reality of your present life, be unrealistic. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the life you desire.

We hear it all the time right?

“You’re being unrealistic.”
“You have to be realistic here.”
“That’s not a realistic option.”

What does being realistic create??  What is realistic anyway?

What may be required…

Sometimes it may just be required to be unrealistic.

Is Richard Branson realistic?  He’s created Virgin Galactic for cryin’ out loud!!  I’m betting there aren’t many ordinary people who find anything about that realistic.  Me?  I think it’s freakin’ phenomenal!!!!!  How much more fun can we have???

What “Be realistic” really means…

People are mostly run and operate based on their limitations.  They look at life and what’s possible through a lens of limitation.  People look at life in terms of what’s not possible or what can’t happen.

These limitations keep people locked into what most call a “comfort zone.”  It’s comfortable over here in the comfort zone where I’m not confronted with my limitations.

Where do these limitations come from?

They can come from a myriad of places.

Upbringing or family
Society or media
Ancestral beliefs

Are any of these wrong?  Absolutely not!  They just are something to be aware of and to maybe look at (if you choose).

These limitations give us an opportunity to see where we might grow and create change.  They are a gift!

Be Un-realistic!

Go ahead!  Be unrealistic!  Do the thing that everyone tells you you shouldn’t do or can’t do!  Step out of that “comfort zone” and go for it!!  Full throttle!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!

Gotta Love Awarenesses

When they show up it can be so interesting. And I simply adore the “Oohhhhhh, that’s what that was” that I hear inside when the awareness hits.

I had one of those moments. I got that big woosh of information flooding my mind, followed by “oohhhhhh, that’s what that was” and then laughter at how silly I can be sometimes.

Money Freak-Out

So, I had a moment of money freak-out.  That happens sometimes…even to the best of us.  Maybe we check the bank account and there is less money than we thought.  Maybe a major repair comes up that we weren’t expecting.

In these situations, there is a version of the typical “How am I going to make this work” moment that occurs.  We go into our heads trying desperately to rearrange our money flows so that we can cover the shortage or unexpected.

What if there was no way to figure it out?  What if in doing that we actually limit the possibilities of what can show up?

Why do we freak out?

Basically, on some level we do not trust that God or the universe or spirit (insert your flavor of higher power here) does not have our back.  We freak out because we think we have to figure it out and do it all on our own.

If I don’t get this figured out and make it happen, then no one else will and I’ll be left holding the bag.

We don’t trust that God has our back.  We don’t trust that the universe has our back.  We don’t trust our higher power ACTUALLY has our back!


We have evidence, right?

There was that one time that I did that one thing and it didn’t work out well for me.

We use this evidence as proof that our higher power failed us.  We use it to prove that we are on our own and have to do it all by ourselves.

We take all the times where we’ve done something that didn’t bode well and we say, “See?!  My higher power didn’t have my back and I got screwed.”

What Else is Possible?

The awareness that I received this morning as I had all these thoughts flood my mind in a nano-second was show stopping for me.

All those times that I thought my higher power did not have my back, I actually ignored the information given to me by my higher power (via my knowing…gut…intuition).  What if my higher power had my back all along, but I ignored it?!

WOW!  “Oohhhhh, that’s what that was!”

The Real Deal

If I actually acknowledge and follow my knowing, which is my higher power supporting me with information, then I do not struggle.  When I am allowing my higher power to have my back, I can receive the “benefits” of that gift.  When I do not allow my higher power to have my back, then I struggle and grope in the dark because I was unwilling to receive the gift.

So, it’s not that my higher power doesn’t have my back in certain situations…it ALWAYS has my back.  It is MY choosing to receive the gift of that support and caring….or not.

When have you thought that your higher power did not have your back?  Have you ever gone against what you knew to be true and/or “right” for you?  Share your experience!!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!