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Where’s the Question?

Yesterday I wrote about going all-in.  After I posted it, I became aware of something new.  Don’t you just LOVE that??!  I know I do.


Seriously.  Where was the question in all that?

When I am hyper-focus, I don’t seem to be asking any questions either.  I tunnel-vision question right out of my life and living too.  Interesting choice.  WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE??

So, what would it take for me to remain in a space of question?  What would it take to remain in a space of making choices (instead of completing obligations, etc)?

Oh!  And Let’s Not Forget….Where’s The FUN?

I mean, maybe for some people, tunnel-vision is fun but for me, it is not!  So what would it take to have more fun?  What would my life look like if I had “tunnel-vision” on fun???  Ooooooooooooohhhhh, that sounds…well…fun!  I’ll have more of that, please.

Anyway, that’s all.  Just desired to share that tid-bit of awareness too.  hehehe

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


Would an Infinite Being have problems?

What if there is no such thing as problems?

What if the only thing that creates problems is your “point of view??”

What if what is considered problems are awareness that you’re not receiving fully.  As previously explained your point of view creates your reality and any awareness that you’re choosing to ignore may create “problems” because you’re not really seeing everything that’s going on.

Usually you’ve decided, concluded, judged somehow that looking at “this” as bad and scary and therefore it is better to just cover your eyes, ears, and go lalalala I don’t hear anything.  And or you’ve decided, concluded, judged that there’s only 1 solution that can work. And when it doesn’t work we get frustrated?

Well, how’s that working for you?

I definitely have never done this before 😛

As the expression goes, we are so cute, not too bright sometimes. Good thing is choice creates awareness, no matter how many times it takes to receive the awareness.”

So here’s a different possibility/solution if you’re willing to consider it:

First take your hands off your eyes and ears and stop going lalalala  I don’t hear anything.

Lower your “walls of protection” and take a step into the energy of what you’ve been refusing to acknowledge, receive, etc.

Next, ask questions: what awareness am I having here that I’m not getting? What can I choose differently that would make “this” change?

Usually after some time, if you’re willing to be in allowance of it you’ll get an awareness of what’s going on and also what to choose to facilitate more ease.

3rd step: choose…sometimes it doesn’t make sense until you choose and then you go ahhh, that’s what it was.  “LOL , that wasn’t so bad”(my usual expression)

You see, our mind is our most powerful creator of point of views. It will tell us that we can and can’t do.

It’s ok though because guess who created the mind?!! We did, so guess who’s even more powerful?!! That’s correct we are…we always have choice to see, to be, to choose, to act differently.

That’s all my dear friends!!

May life comes to you with EASE, JOY, and GLORY!! 😀


The OTHER Conscious Chick

10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments of Access Consciousness

The keys to total freedom from trauma and drama of this reality and to create your phenomenal life.

1. Ask : would an infinite being truly choose this?
2. Everything is just an interesting point of view
3. Live in 10 sec increments
4. Live in the questions (instead of the answer)
5. No form, no structure, and no significance
6. No judgment, no discrimination, no discernment
7. No drugs of any kind
8. No competition
9. Do not listen to, tell, or buy the story
10. No exclusion

Are you willing to choose YOUR PHENOMENAL life?

What else is possible?

Until next time, lovelies



The “Other” Conscious Chicky

Ask & You Shall Receive.

REALLY,  its true!!

Hello lovely people,

How the heck are you?

Remember the other day I wrote about ask and you shall receive—the Universe is truly on your side. Really!! This is sort of a follow up that I couldn’t resist not to share. While visiting people the Monday and Tuesday, I became astonished how much I was served cake left and right and I even made a comment,

“Hmm, there’s an awfully lots of birthdays around or something interesting is going on.”

There’s something about it I couldn’t put my finger on. What is it? Then it dawned on me last night when I came home.


I asked a question last week randomly about something. I said, “what would it take for me to have cake and eat it too?” Hahaha….get it? Cake and eat it too!! I AM now…how cool is that? 😀

Although…when I asked the question about cake I’m sure I wasn’t talking about cake the food. It just goes to show that when you ask you shall receive even in funny and unexpected forms.

It goes to show that the Universe is really listening to your request and it is truly on your side. So when you ask and things don’t show up immediately the way you would like it to just remember that it may show up waaaay more different and more fun than you think. SURPRISE!! How does it get even better than that?

Adios lovely people!! Until next time….hehehe… 😀


The “Other” Conscious Chicky

Definition and Limitation

Maggie and I got together the other night for a Bars trade.  We like to do that, ya know?!  And as usual, my brilliant friend and “The Other Conscious Chicky” had a great awareness.  She’s so cool!

I have no idea exactly what we were talking about.  And we were discussing all the definitions we have for ourselves.  “What definitions?” you ask.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

We tend to have this desire to define everything.  It’s just in our nature I guess.  Maybe we could give *that* up!


Here are some definitions we use in our lives:

I am a woman.
I am a man.
I am a screw-up.
He is my brother.
She is weird.
I always do stupid things.
My back is always tight.
I have bad teeth.

Sounds like there is a lot of choice in these scenarios, huh?

Or not.


Can you perceive the limitation created by these definitions?  Let me expand…

If you say, “I’m a total screw-up.  I always mess things up.” is there any space for you to choose differently?  Can you choose to *not* be a screw-up?  Seems like it leaves a person a bit choiceless to me.

So, we create all these definitions of who we are and what we do and we set up a box, so to speak, that we can function in.  Anything outside of that box is then not a possibility, right?

Good Idea

That’s a great idea!!!  Let’s impose more limitations on ourselves and each other with all of our definitions!  We’re SO cute.

And brilliant!!!

We’re brilliant because we set up these definitions of who and what we are so that we do not have to step into the potency of all we actually can be!

Would we like to make another choice now?

Eh..probably not.

I mean, living this life of limitation is comfortable, right?  It’s what we’re used to.  It’s familiar.

Stepping out of the box is seen as unfamiliar and can be very uncomfortable.  It can be scary, maybe.

So we stay in our little boxes, afraid to live the life we could truly be living.  Isn’t that awesome?!??!

Is it time?

Is it time to choose something different?  Something so completely different from anything we’ve ever chosen before?  A life and living without definition, without limitation.

Everything that doesn’t allow that will you let it all go now and forever?  Just a thought….

Chime in!  Let us know what kinds of definitions you have and are willing to let go of.  We so enjoy hearing from you!

What else is possible??

Much Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!

Being Unkind

We’ve decided that lots of things make us unkind.

Where have you decided that if things work out well for you, you are being unkind to other people?  Everything that is, would you be willing to let it go now?  Please?


Why do we believe that by choosing what we’d like and having it work out for us, we are being unkind?

Honestly, there is no value in “why?”  Seriously.  There isn’t.

And it’s interesting to look at our choice(s) and ask if that is something we’d like to continue to choose.

Playing Small

We choose to play small in order to be kind.  We play small so we don’t pass up those in our lives we care about.  We don’t desire to make them feel badly or hurt them, so we play small to be kind.

It’s all a lie! Big…fat…LIE!

We’re actually doing those people a huge disservice!  And we’re doing a MEGA disservice to us!

The Limitation

We create a massive limitation here because we believe that anytime things have worked out for US that it must have hurt someone else.


Right now!  Seriously!

The Truth

When we go for what we would like in life and hit our targets, when we claim our awesomeness and our life works out in some way because of the choices we make, we actually create a new possibility for those around us!  We live a living where they can see the choices we make and know that those choices are possible for them as well.

They see that life can work out and no one dies!  …Or gets hurt or whatever.

They see that choice is possible!  That something else is out there and attainable.  Would you be willing to claim that gift that you can be to others?  Would you let go of the lie that by playing small you aren’t hurting anyone?

In Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!

How does it get even better than this?!?!

“I love you money, will you love me too?”

Money: “of course I love and care for you, the question is are you willing to receive it?”

Do you notice that our relationship with money seems to be based on tug of war?

Sometimes we tug and gain some and have more money and sometimes we lose some and have less money? So why is it that we seem to never really have peace and communion with money? What’s right about this are we not getting?

Basically, this reality sees money as something necessary to live. We must have it or we can’t really have a good life. We’ve been taught that money is not easy to get. You need to have to go to school, work really hard, and then only then can you have money. (U mm, let me tell you this. I did all that how come money still doesn’t leak from my faucet? LOL).

Lets look at money from a different perspective? What if money actually desires to contribute and add to your life? What if the only thing that is stopping you from having more money is actually your fixed points of view.

Here’s an example… if we’ve decided somewhere in our mind that making money has to be hard, can you receive money when it’s easy, when you’re not working hard for it? Probably not huh, since our point of views create our reality.

Sooo…what fixed point of view about money do you have that if you’re willing to let go of it would create a completely different financial reality?

Are you willing to consider a different possibility? I mean I know worrying about it doesn’t seem to work. So why not try something new and if that doesn’t create a change we can always go back to worrying. Thank goodness for choice. How does it get any better than that?

P.S. What’s the value of never letting money love, care and take care of you? (Would you destroy and un-create all those points of views please?)

We, the Conscious Chicks enjoy reading feedback, questions, comments, etc if you’ve got ’em.

Thank you come again. What else is possible?


the other Conscious Chicky 😀