Welcome to the party of consciousness! We're just two conscious chicks seeking different possibilities for our life and living … and we're interested in having others join us!


Our target is to facilitate people to step out of this polarized reality, step out of judgment of you and everyone else, and step into a place of total allowance and oneness with all things. What would it be like to be empowered to know what is true and what works for YOU? What if “the guru” lies right within you?

What about your life, right now, is NOT working for you that you would like to change? We’d like to facilitate more awareness for YOU! What if you could function from choice instead of no choice, infinite possibilities instead of decision, question instead of conclusion and joy instead of trauma and drama? What if you could have choice, possibilities, question and joy ALL of the time?

The mantra of Access Consciousness: ALL of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory!

One Conscious Chick

As one of the Conscious Chicks – Twin Cities and a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness, I would like this to be a contribution to your lives and living.  I’m weird, wild and wacky … and totally welcome those out there who embrace their own weird, wild and wacky and even those who aren’t quite there yet!  What would it take for each of us to fully and totally embrace our weird, wild and wacky?!?!  It’s my desire to facilitate people in dealing with stress and not taking on other people’s energies, addiction, body issues.  This is not about new age spirituality, group meditation or what the latest Guru just put in a book.  It is about what it is like to function from awareness and how easy it is. There is no secret here. You will learn how having more awareness allows you to generate YOUR life to become more than you ever thought was possible. What if being conscious and aware is nothing like what you thought it was? What if all the magic you ever imagined is real?

As a certified facilitator, I host tele-classes & live classes, 1 hour clearing & clarity nights, and bodywork gifting and receiving parties.  I also facilitate the BARS, Foundation, and Level One classes, as well as private sessions, if requested.  See more at the link below:


Hiiii!! My name is Maggie, the other Conscious chicky. Hehe…how does it get any better than that?

I’m a doctor of chiropractic by trade and random and crazy on a normal basis. Haha, which is actually not normal. Yes, I’m weird and bizarre in many ways and until a few years ago I didn’t really let others see this side of me. I mean I’m a doctor for god sakes I’m supposed to be prim, proper and professional. I can’t crack any jokes, laugh or have too much fun. I used to have the point of view that people won’t like me then and that they would judge me and make me wrong and awful.

How many of you have a bizarre side that you keep hidden on a normal basis?

How many of you feels ashamed and wrong that you are in fact that different?

Guess what? Until you’re willing to receive more of you: the good, the bad, the ugly and the bizarre no one else can really receive you and enjoy you including yourself. Weird, huh?

The truth is your willingness to be your different, bizarre self is exactly the change that is required on this planet, to facilitate the living on earth to be more ease, more joy and more exuberant.

Do I facilitate classes and conduct private session, yes I do… as long as somebody is willing to ask and then what else is possible? How did we get to be so lucky this day?


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