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During the holidays, people tend to be more exasperated, more quickly.  We have far less patience and allowance for each other as we hustle from place to place, overwhelmed with stress and anxiety that hangs in the air all around. 

I saw this video and it really spoke to me.  Our tendency is to take things personally.

When the cashier is short, we assume she’s being rude to us.

When our friend isn’t very chatty, we think they are angry with us.

What if there is another possibility??  Could we consider that?

What if the cashier just got bad news from home and is fighting bursting into tears at the register?

What if our friend was written up at work and intently focused on how they screwed up?

What if we could be willing to look outside of ourselves for a few moments and see them?  Truly see them?  Set aside our own narcissism and just BE with them?  What might that change?

Video:  If We Could See Inside Other People’s Hearts


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