Welcome to the party of consciousness! We're just two conscious chicks seeking different possibilities for our life and living … and we're interested in having others join us!

I am choosing to make a fresh start this week.  I’ve experienced some dis-ease in my life lately and when I look at “why” and “how” I am increasingly clear that I’ve fallen short of doing some things.  Things I used to do daily…often multiple times each day.  So starting now, I am going to re-implement them.  One at a time.  And begin choosing a life of ease again.  How does it get any better than that?!?


I will post daily how I am progressing as I move through this.  Would you be interested in a fresh start too?  Would you be interested in sharing your joys and triumphs and moments of awe and gratitude here with me?  Would it be fun?  Will it add to your life?

What do you have to lose?

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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