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Why do we need a 2X4?

No.  I am not talking for building houses and such.  They are definitely required for such endeavors.

I am talking intuition.

The Feather

Oftentimes, when we are looking at a choice, we get “information” about that choice.  And it usually comes in the form of some feather-like touch from God or the Universe or whatever your flavor is for that higher knowing.  We get a gut feeling that it might not work out so well.  Or maybe a little voice inside us tells us that it’s not such a great idea or that there’s something better out there.  Whatever form the message comes in, it is usually delivered with something very light and subtle.

It’s not that we don’t hear it or feel it.  It’s not that subtle.  We usually “get a sense” about that choice.  We just choose to bypass it.

The 2X4

Since we choose to ignore the feather and bypass that knowing, we usually get the 2X4.  We tell ourselves, “I’m sure it will be fine” or “I’ll just try it for a little bit” or some other justification for ignoring that little voice or that gut feeling.  (Maybe the fact that we are looking at it as a short-term trial should be a red flag, right?)  We move forward into the choice anyway.

Things usually go horribly wrong at this point.  Well, maybe not right away, but pretty quickly.  We get more and more information about the choice, maybe even daily.  And we tell ourselves that we are stuck now.  “I should at least give it a fair shot and 2 weeks isn’t really giving it the ol’ college try.”  Maybe the money is good.  Maybe it isn’t the money, but the people you’re around…maybe they are really fun.  Maybe it’s the environment.  But now we’ve convinced ourselves that we are somehow obligated to stay.

And the information keeps piling in.  We see things we don’t really wanna be seeing.  We hear things we don’t really wanna hear.  We keep telling ourselves it will get better.

It doesn’t.

The Fall Out

It can be pretty ugly.

We may not be consciously aware of it, but by this point, we are so thoroughly disgusted with ourselves for not listening to that little voice 4 months ago that there is no pretty way to exit.  So it can be ugly.

Now, we’ve seen things and heard things and we have all that information seething and writhing wanting to just spew out.  We know the “other side” of things now and there is no un-seeing or un-hearing.

We cannot un-know what we know.  (Think about how silly that is.)

No Question

Again, notice there is no question anywhere in this.  There is lot of decision and conclusion (all the have-to’s and obligations).  Not-so-much question.

So, what would it take to remain in the space of question so that we don’t have to get a 2X4 to the head to get the message??  What would it take to listen to the little voice in the first place?  Would it make life easier?  Would that be fun or what?

What would life look like if there were no more 2X4’s to the head?

It might look like less drama.  More fun.  More peace.  Less angst.  Less obligation.  More joy.

Yes.  Thank you.  I’ll have more of that please.

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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