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I know, I know.  I can hear you all right now…

But Sarah, you don’t know MY situation.  And you don’t know how much I’ve struggled my entire life.  And if I JUST had money, then all my struggles would go away and I’d be alright.

I hear you!  Really.

And I’m here to tell you money is not the key here.

Money won’t solve your problems.
Money won’t make you happy.
Money won’t get you a man or woman.
Money won’t make you like yourself.

Money won’t do anything for you…except maybe buy some groceries and stuff.

So, what is the key?

The key lies in you.  YOU are the key.
YOU have the knowing to solve your problems.
YOU get to choose to be happy.
YOU attract a man or woman into your life.
YOU can choose to like yourself….or not…..your choice.

Why is it that we are always searching all around us for the KEY?

If I had (insert “perfect job” here), then I’d be happy.
If I had Mr/Ms Right, then I’d be happy.
If I had children, then I’d be happy.
If I had a bigger house, then I’d be happy.
If I had money, then I’d be happy.
….blah, blah, blah….

Here’s an interesting point of view to ponder over a bit….

If you were filled with joy despite a lack of money or a lover or that “perfect job” or whatever else, then would it be easier to attract those things into your life?

Let’s look at it a slightly different way here.  If you went on a date with Eeyore, would you wanna have a second date?  If you interviewed Eeyore, would you wanna hire him/her?  If you went into Eeyore’s house to play and he complained that there’s never enough of you to go around (like people tend to do with money), would you wanna stick around???

If you put yourself in the shoes of the other side, do you blame them for not wanting to be around someone who seems to never be satisfied.

Who would you choose to spend time with?






I know my money’s on the girl who’s smiling and dancing and having fun!!

Isn’t yours???

Let’s look at the girl in the first picture…She looks crabby.  She has her hand up.  And even energetically, she is communicating, “Get the hell away from me.”

The girl in the second picture is laughing and dancing.  She is surrounded by other people who are likely having fun too.  And energetically, she is communicating, “Come join the party!!”

What if I’m the first picture?

If you find that you are the first picture and you are sending out the “Get the hell away from me vibe”….YAY YOU for acknowledging it.  Now, put your barriers to receiving DOWN.  That’s right.  Drop those barriers right now.  And every time you find yourself creating barriers…DROP THEM!!!  It’s a work in progress…every day, maybe even every minute…you may have to remind yourself to put those barriers down.

YOU are the only one who can put them up or take them down…your choice.

And don’t you think money would rather be with the girl in the second picture too.

So, what would it take to send out an energetic message that says,

Hey!  I’m having SOOO much fun!  Wouldn’t you like to come and play with me too???  We can party and enjoy life and have more fun than we ever imagined!!  Come join MY party!!!

What if you could let go of all the limitation that keeps you on the outside of the party?  Click here for more info!!!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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