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A Bad Day

My DEAR friend Dean Larson posted on FB the other day:

How long does a bad day last? Think about a “bad day” you’ve had, where everything went wrong. How many things actually went wrong? 3? 6? 18? How long do things going wrong last, 3 seconds, half an hour, an hour?

When I think about the bad days that I used to create huge trauma and drama over, it occurs to me that the day actually went like this. I couldn’t find my car keys and I was almost late for school. I misplaced a bunch of corrected papers I was going to return to the kids. It snowed, so I had to shovel my way into the garage.

Everything that constituted my bad day took less than 25 minutes. But the day is 1440 minutes long–that left 1415 minutes where bad things weren’t happening. So, by judging that 25 minutes and blowing them out of proportion, I messed up an entired day that I could have enjoyed. That’s why the concept “Everything (good and bad) comes to me with ease, joy and glory” is so powerful.

And, of course, it got me thinking.

Why do we insist on taking a few bad things and making them last a day? Or a week? Or a lifetime?

I’ve met people who say, “I’ve had a bad life.”



What if….

…instead of taking a few moments and turning them into a day, we just acknowledged those moments and let them go?

…instead of taking a few moments and turning them into a day and then turning that day into a week, we acknowledge those moments (and our own propensity for drama, apparently) and let it ALL go??

What would life look like from that angle?

In fact!

I’d like to invite you to that possibility today.

Would you be willing to let go of whatever is weighing you down?  Would you be willing to have some gratitude for the smallest of good things?  Would you be willing to have gratitude for the biggest of bad things? (Ouch! That one hurt a bit, huh? Would you just give it a try?!!)

Would you be willing to embody…

ALL of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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