Welcome to the party of consciousness! We're just two conscious chicks seeking different possibilities for our life and living … and we're interested in having others join us!

My boyfriend and I have this puppy.  He is a PUPPY!  I mean, Mo is more puppy than any puppy I ever recall meeting.  He is 18 months of pure puppy.

Mo doesn’t walk much of anywhere.  Mo bounces and bucks and dances and prances every where he goes.

Mo LOVES a bone!  He rolls around on it.  He tosses it into the air.  He pounces on it.  He chases it around the driveway.  He chews on it with his butt stuck up toward the sky, tail wagging.

Mo LOVES pets.  Touch him and watch him melt into a puddle of goo.  Put your hand on him and his eyes turn back in his head and he gets this look on his face that speaks of pure bliss.

Mo even loves to pee.  When he goes outside to do his puppy business, he closes his eyes and looks as though only orgasmic thoughts are permeating his mind in those few moments.

What is it about exuberance?

What is everyone so afraid of?

This is a puppy that loves life.  I mean, L-O-V-E-S life!!!  A roll in the grass feels like heaven.  I dip in the creek is exhilarating.  A walk in the park is worthy of full-body rejoicing.

Kids are a lot like this too…

At least until we tell them to stop acting like a child and grow up.


What the heck is that?!

Hey, you’re just a kid and all but stop acting like a child and grow the hell up.

Seriously, how twisted is that?!

What else might be possible?

If I enjoyed life as much as Mo, and if more people on this planet enjoyed life as much as Mo, what might happen?

What if I went to my job with the exuberance with which Mo goes hunting?
What if I went outside and rolled in the grass?
What if I laughed loud and danced and jumped?
What if I LOVED life?

What if YOU LOVED life??

I’d love to give you an “assignment” with this one.  I’d like to challenge you to push outside of your comfort zone and live a pure…delicious…exuberant life.

Would you be willing to live a pure and unadulterated life?

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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