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Be Unrealistic

To move beyond the grim reality of your present life, be unrealistic. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the life you desire.

We hear it all the time right?

“You’re being unrealistic.”
“You have to be realistic here.”
“That’s not a realistic option.”

What does being realistic create??  What is realistic anyway?

What may be required…

Sometimes it may just be required to be unrealistic.

Is Richard Branson realistic?  He’s created Virgin Galactic for cryin’ out loud!!  I’m betting there aren’t many ordinary people who find anything about that realistic.  Me?  I think it’s freakin’ phenomenal!!!!!  How much more fun can we have???

What “Be realistic” really means…

People are mostly run and operate based on their limitations.  They look at life and what’s possible through a lens of limitation.  People look at life in terms of what’s not possible or what can’t happen.

These limitations keep people locked into what most call a “comfort zone.”  It’s comfortable over here in the comfort zone where I’m not confronted with my limitations.

Where do these limitations come from?

They can come from a myriad of places.

Upbringing or family
Society or media
Ancestral beliefs

Are any of these wrong?  Absolutely not!  They just are something to be aware of and to maybe look at (if you choose).

These limitations give us an opportunity to see where we might grow and create change.  They are a gift!

Be Un-realistic!

Go ahead!  Be unrealistic!  Do the thing that everyone tells you you shouldn’t do or can’t do!  Step out of that “comfort zone” and go for it!!  Full throttle!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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