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Gotta Love Awarenesses

When they show up it can be so interesting. And I simply adore the “Oohhhhhh, that’s what that was” that I hear inside when the awareness hits.

I had one of those moments. I got that big woosh of information flooding my mind, followed by “oohhhhhh, that’s what that was” and then laughter at how silly I can be sometimes.

Money Freak-Out

So, I had a moment of money freak-out.  That happens sometimes…even to the best of us.  Maybe we check the bank account and there is less money than we thought.  Maybe a major repair comes up that we weren’t expecting.

In these situations, there is a version of the typical “How am I going to make this work” moment that occurs.  We go into our heads trying desperately to rearrange our money flows so that we can cover the shortage or unexpected.

What if there was no way to figure it out?  What if in doing that we actually limit the possibilities of what can show up?

Why do we freak out?

Basically, on some level we do not trust that God or the universe or spirit (insert your flavor of higher power here) does not have our back.  We freak out because we think we have to figure it out and do it all on our own.

If I don’t get this figured out and make it happen, then no one else will and I’ll be left holding the bag.

We don’t trust that God has our back.  We don’t trust that the universe has our back.  We don’t trust our higher power ACTUALLY has our back!


We have evidence, right?

There was that one time that I did that one thing and it didn’t work out well for me.

We use this evidence as proof that our higher power failed us.  We use it to prove that we are on our own and have to do it all by ourselves.

We take all the times where we’ve done something that didn’t bode well and we say, “See?!  My higher power didn’t have my back and I got screwed.”

What Else is Possible?

The awareness that I received this morning as I had all these thoughts flood my mind in a nano-second was show stopping for me.

All those times that I thought my higher power did not have my back, I actually ignored the information given to me by my higher power (via my knowing…gut…intuition).  What if my higher power had my back all along, but I ignored it?!

WOW!  “Oohhhhh, that’s what that was!”

The Real Deal

If I actually acknowledge and follow my knowing, which is my higher power supporting me with information, then I do not struggle.  When I am allowing my higher power to have my back, I can receive the “benefits” of that gift.  When I do not allow my higher power to have my back, then I struggle and grope in the dark because I was unwilling to receive the gift.

So, it’s not that my higher power doesn’t have my back in certain situations…it ALWAYS has my back.  It is MY choosing to receive the gift of that support and caring….or not.

When have you thought that your higher power did not have your back?  Have you ever gone against what you knew to be true and/or “right” for you?  Share your experience!!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "Gotta Love Awarenesses" (4)

  1. Isn’t it interesting that sometimes (still) we think we know what is best for us! Thanks for the post.

  2. cannh624 said:

    Wow, major “smack in the face” from the universe on so many levels. You have no idea how clearly this resonates! WOW!

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