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It’s interesting how things show up in our lives to show us the impact of things so that we can see how ELSE that might play out.

Another Mo Story

When Mo went to the first trainer, on our second visit to see his progress the trainer was (somewhat) jokingly referring to him a “Psycho.”  I say “somewhat” because he was partly joking…and the truth in it was that Mo drove him nuts.

He repeatedly talked about Mo being “nuts” or “psycho” or “hyper” or “crazy.”

Your Point of View Creates Your Reality

The trainer had the point of view that Mo was nuts, so guess what?  Mo behaved like a nut.  Mo thought He wants a nut.  Ok.  I’ll be a nut.

Projected Points of View

Points of view can be projected.  Did you know that?

If you think someone is nuts…if you tell them they are nuts…if you tell everyone you know that this someone is nuts, then guess what?  You get a nut!

The trainer projected his point of view onto Mo.  Mo was a nut.  Then the trainer projected his point of view onto me and onto my boyfriend.  He’s the “expert” right?  So we bought his point of view.  And we also perpetuated the point of view.  Guess what we brought home?  A nut!

New Point of View, New Reality

The new trainer had the point of view that Mo was a nice dog who had too much pressure placed on him at the first trainer’s.  He was nervous.  All of his “freak-out energy” was because he just didn’t know what he was supposed to do and when he thought he was doing what he was supposed to be doing, he wasn’t getting it right.

He had Mo completely relaxed, sleeping at his feet while they talked or sitting patiently waiting for his next direction.

He projected that point of view and created a whole new reality for Mo and for the boyfriend.  Mo is quiet and calm.  In fact, he’s sleeping at my feet as I type this.

What are you projecting?

What point of view have you bought and are now projecting…onto your friends, your pets, your kids, your lover?  What if you could let that go and look at what else is possible?

Are you willing to give up those points of view?  Would you like to know how?  Ask the question.

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "Projections" (3)

  1. Great writing Sarah! And a wonderful story to illustrate so clearly how projections work and how they can limit us!

    • Thank you Richard! Very grateful for your contribution. I love examples like these…where they are so crystal clear. What else is possible?

  2. Another question….What points of view have been projected on you that are a limitation in your life that you are functioning from? Hmmm….I feel another post coming on….

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