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What would your life look like if it was more play?

What if adding play means you get more done…in less time…with less effort?

How do you play?
Or maybe I should start by asking: DO you play?

I made it a priority to seek out more play in 2011. And I can honestly say that 2011 started out as a very generative and very expansive year. I had loads of fun. I met great, new people. I deepened existing relationships. And ALL by adding more play.

Then I became complacent. I fell back into old patterns of “work” and “figuring it out” and effort. And 2011 did not end quite as generative as it began. And I can attribute that solely to play.

So….in 2012, my priority again will be more play. And I will be more aware of slipping back into old patterns. Rather than simply shirking it off, I will actually tell myself “STOP” and make the conscious choice for play.

What that looks like for me…

Visiting my horse
Playing with the kids
Running in the park with the dogs
Tickle fights
…and more…

What does play look like to you? I’d love to hear about your play.

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "Play" (1)

  1. Interesting note: When I met my boyfriend and told him about my play and how I made play a priority…he thought I was a complete FLAKE! Then he realized that I did get stuff done…but I played at it and had fun and enjoyed life. So I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get stuff done…unless you require a break from always “getting stuff done”…I’m just suggesting that you play a bit more.

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