Welcome to the party of consciousness! We're just two conscious chicks seeking different possibilities for our life and living … and we're interested in having others join us!

What’s Changed?

When I look back to 1 year ago, much in my life and reality has changed.  I live in a new space.  People have come and gone from my life.  My living looks very different than it did a year ago.

I am exceedingly grateful for the way my life & living showed up.

How has your life changed this year?

Did you plan these changes?  Does it look like you imagined it would look?  Are you surprised?


Oftentimes, we set up expectations for what each year will look like.  We create this little reality of what we think might show up and then we project that out and create expectations for what will occur.

It can be entertaining….

Aaaaannnndddd does it expand your agenda?  Does it contribute to your priorities?

What if we let go of ALL expectations?

I know I did.  I had very little expectation for how life would occur in 2011.  And I had more fun than I’ve had since I can recall!!

What might be possible if you didn’t expect something to change?  What might be possible if you didn’t expect someone to react or be a certain way?  What would show up if there was no expecting only receiving?

Are you willing to share?  

Would you be willing to share how 2011 was different than you expected?  No judgment…just different.

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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