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Ring in the New Year

What if you could truly start the New Year new?  Would you?  Would you actually be willing to have a completely different year?  Are you willing to have what you say you desire?

Naturally, I am biased…I’d like to see you choose it.  And I know a way for you to have the change you say you desire IF you are actually willing to change it.

I had a coach who once told me that how you ring out the old year, is how you start the new one.

How are you ringing out the old year?

Are you doing something new and different?  Are you making steps that will expand your life and your priorities?  If not, WHY NOT??  Aren’t you looking for change?  Aren’t you looking for your life and your circumstances to change?  Why do the same ol’ thing?

Do you *actually* desire change?

A great first step…
Access the Bars 

Would you like to spend the day “deleting old files” so you can start 2012 ready for something different to show up?  What better way to ring in the new year than to get rid of the stuff that’s been dragging you down?!

If you hate it, then you’ve gained some new tools and some great relaxation (think full-day at the spa).  If you’re willing to have it, you may never be the same again!

If you are *really* ready for change, I’d also recommend….
Access Foundation 

There are classes all over the globe!  Find one that works for you or organize one in your area.

Let’s Make 2012 the Year where We Actually Change!  What else is possible??

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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