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The Sky

I was browsing through some stuff the other day, reading blog posts and watching a few videos.  Later, I was outside and it was overcast and damp…and even though it was nearly 40 degrees, I was chilled.  I started thinking about the sky.  And weather.  And me (and you).

The Sky

There is sky.  It is always there.  Day and night.  The sky always exists.  It goes on forever and ever….beyond infinity.  We cannot find the outer edges of the sky.  The sky is space.

The Weather

Every day there is weather.  It is always there.  Some days it is sunny weather.  Some days the weather is cloudy.  Other days it is rainy.  And I don’t even wanna mention the “s” word.

Sky and Weather

These two things interact regularly.  Some days the weather is such that the sky is big and blue and bright and spacious.  Other days the weather is such that the sky seems more contracted and closed in.  The clouds obstruct our ability to see the spaciousness and we feel more closed in.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to weather.  The sun is not right for being bright and glorious and the clouds are not wrong for casting their shadows.  Those who live in regions where there is drought see the cloudy, rainy days as a huge blessing and are grateful for those days.  They do not frown and growl at the rainy days.  Those who have little sun, rejoice in a visit from Mr. Sunshine.  While those who have much sun, curse the sun for drying up their lawns.

Aren’t we an interesting lot???  I digress….

Is the sky ever affected by the weather?  Does the sky become destroyed when a hurricane travels through it?  Is the sky saddened by a cloudy, rainy week?  Does they sky dance when the sun shines?

My point of view….The sky is always dancing!  The sky is unaffected by the events that occur in and around it.

What does ANY of this have to do with anything??

Well, what if we viewed ourselves as the sky?  What if we are the sky?  Not literally….well, maybe a little.  Not the observer on the ground…the sky!

What if we are vast and beautiful and full of glory?
What if we dance regardless of what moves through or around us?
What if we cannot be affected by the things that come our way?
What if you are they sky???

Might it change your point of view if the things that “happen” in daily life…bad news, trouble with a coworker, a fight with your partner…were all just weather passing through the sky (you)??

Wow.  I even have to pause on that one for a moment….  Back in a minute.

It is only when we believe that we are the house being ripped apart by the tornado that we have a problem.  When we remember that we are the sky, we are unaffected by the “tornadoes” of life.

I am the sky!

Seriously…How does it get any better than that?!?

I am vast and beautiful spaciousness.  I am the joy and glory of being.

Guess what?  You are too!!!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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  1. Very nice thoughts.

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