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Orgasmic Eating

While eating is part of everyday life, eating at this time of year seems to require some special attention or something.

It is my point of view that our bodies have a regulatory system for food and drink intake.  We can choose to listen to that system.  Or not.

My Regulatory System

I’ll give you an example of my system that maybe you can use to tap into your own.

For me, eating delicious foods that my body loves is an orgasmic experience.  The texture of the food in my mouth.  The smells and flavors.  The feeling of the food moving down my throat.  It’s quite lovely!

As I eat a meal or a snack, I revel in the experience.  I never think or say I shouldn’t have this.  I eat what “sounds” good, so I don’t regret what goes into my mouth.  I thoroughly enjoy eating…sometimes even licking my plate/bowl after I’ve eaten the food.

The moment eating stops being orgasmic, I stop eating!  No matter what is left.  That’s it.  I’m done.

This weekend, I went out shopping with my boyfriend and we stopped for snacks before dinner.  As we walked around the food area, a lemon bar caught my eye.  We continued looking and both “locked” on some sushi.  We grabbed the sushi, some water and the lemon bar.  I ate 5 of the 12 sushi rolls and the last one was no longer orgasmic…I gave the 6th to my boyfriend.  Then we shared the lemon bar.  We ate most of it and he said he was finished.  I ate another bite, offering him the last bite.  That final bite was no longer orgasmic.  I stopped.

Did I say…

I don’t wanna waste food so I’m going to eat this last bite.
There are starving children in Ethiopia so I shouldn’t throw this away.

No.  I tossed it in the trash.  My body was done eating.  Why would I continue stuffing it with food when it’s done?

Listening to the Body

How much more fun can we have with eating if we listen to our bodies?

What might happen in our bodies if we honor them by listening?

What would your body tell you if you stopped long enough to listen?

How grateful would your body be if you listened?


Now, are we always going to get it right?  Are we always going to read the signs correctly?  Are we going to sometimes “override” the system?

Sometimes we are going to screw this up.  That’s alright.  Just move on.  10 second increments baby!

That was that 10 seconds, now what would I like to chose in this 10 seconds?

Give yourself permission to play with it and practice.  What could show up?  How might this holiday season be completely different than anything you’ve ever experienced before?

I’d love to hear from you

Share your orgasmic eating experiences!

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


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