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Magical Powers

Someone posed a question today on Facebook in my news feed.  I was surprised by…and laughed at…the series of thoughts that followed when I’d read the comments.

If you could have any magical power, what would it be?

Comment #1:  That’s an east one for me (question asker)! It would be to have all people everywhere care about one another and do things in the best interests of the other person, while taking care of themselves too. What do you think?!?!

Comment #2:  I would have the power to make love dust and then sprinkle it freely all around the world :- )

Where is choice?

Are these two individuals not suggesting that the world should look their way?  Are they not implying that we shouldn’t be free to choose what we’d like, we should choose what they think is best?  What superior assholes!


“I know what’s best for everyone else and you should all just do it my way.”  (Yes, I have a point of view about this.)

Magic Powers

Are these even real magic powers?!  I mean, when I think of magic powers, I think of flying or walking through walls or transforming into something else or super speed.  What the hell is that bullshit up there?!

Is that really what they would choose??!  Lame!

Or is it what they think they should say to sound all spiritual and grounded and stuff?  Lame!

Wanna know mine?!

Such a tough choice.  At first I thought invisible because then I could play tricks on people, like walk up behind them & tickle their ear & then they couldn’t see who did it.  That could really be some fun.  But would I really wanna not be seen.  Doesn’t that like go against everything I’ve done?!  But it would be fun to mess with people.

Then I thought flying because I could go anywhere, anytime I wanted and not have to buy an airline ticket.

Then I thought super speed because I could get housework done in no time.

What I chose is that I would be like a genie and have all those powers available to me with the blink of an eye or snap of the fingers or whatever!  How much fun would that be?!  (Note:  I said LIKE a genie…I would not be living in a bottle or lamp and be subject to the will of another.  I’d just have ALL magic available for my use.)

What would your magic power be?!

And don’t give me some lame answer like world peace or I’ll cyber slap you!  hehe…just kidding…sort of…ok, not really.

In Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "Magical Powers" (4)

  1. THATA GIRL!!! true-that! amen sistah, woot woot and all of the above! yes!!!!

    no kidding, my ‘magical power’ would have been exactly what you said — infinite, unlimited, gloriously anything and everything boom! but wait….don’t i already? aren’t i already? …um…hold the phone let me check …yup… I AM ❤

  2. kac527Kelly said:

    Sara… Brilliant post and wonderful choice in magical powers. I have great news for you… you already have the power to have what you want in an instant. All you have to do is BE the question and choose! I’m in the middle of a 4 day weekend of Access Consciousness Level 2 and 3 classes.
    If you really want to actualize your magic powers check it out!


    How does it get any better than this?


    • Thanks Kelly! Hope you enjoyed your 2/3. I know I glean great stuff from every single one I’ve attended. Loads of fun too!

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