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What a Difference a Year Makes

I’ve been pondering over the last couple of weeks how vastly different my life looks now when I look back to this time last year.  Or 3 years ago.  Or five years ago.  It’s pretty wild to think that I cannot even *relate* to the person 5 years ago.  I wonder where I would be if I hadn’t chosen the path I’ve chosen…if I’d walked a different trail.

How is not my job…

Do you recall when the lovely Maggie wrote about this?  How it shows up is not my responsibility.  And I can tell you…

If anyone had painted a picture of my current life for me say, 5 years ago…if they’d said, “In 5 years, you’ll be x, y & z, ” I would not have believed them.  I would have thought they were completely insane.  No way would my life look like that! is what I’d be thinking.

When I look at my life, it’s been a series of asking open ended questions about what I’d like my life to look like.  Nothing too specific most of the time.

And how it showed up in my life was not my job.  That was taken care of.  And it worked out better than I could have ever imagined.

It just keeps getting better all the time, too.

What kinds of questions…

I used questions like these to open up the possibility for change…

What are the infinite possibilities ______ can be better than I ever imagined or dreamed possible?

What would it take to have fun & interesting people to play with?

What else is possible here that I’m not getting?

What’s right about this (situation/person/etc) that I’m not getting?

I asked these questions daily, several times a day.  Then I let go of all my ideas about what it would look like, how it would be and all that garbage that we play out in our minds.  I expanded and let myself be open to whatever showed up, however it showed up.  And if something showed up that didn’t quite work, I’d ask for it to change or I’d choose something different.

It all sounds soooooo simple.

And honestly it is.  It sounds cliche.  Maybe it is.

Choice creates awareness.  So we choose one thing.  We find that choice works for us, so we choose it again.  We choose in another area and find that choice isn’t working, so we choose something else.  Without making the choice, the awareness of whether or not it works does not come.

So, CHOOSE!  Choose fun.  Choose joy.  Choose laughter.  Choose play.  Choose what works for you.

All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory! TM

Much Gratitude!
One Conscious Chick


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