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What if there is no such thing as problems?

What if the only thing that creates problems is your “point of view??”

What if what is considered problems are awareness that you’re not receiving fully.  As previously explained your point of view creates your reality and any awareness that you’re choosing to ignore may create “problems” because you’re not really seeing everything that’s going on.

Usually you’ve decided, concluded, judged somehow that looking at “this” as bad and scary and therefore it is better to just cover your eyes, ears, and go lalalala I don’t hear anything.  And or you’ve decided, concluded, judged that there’s only 1 solution that can work. And when it doesn’t work we get frustrated?

Well, how’s that working for you?

I definitely have never done this before 😛

As the expression goes, we are so cute, not too bright sometimes. Good thing is choice creates awareness, no matter how many times it takes to receive the awareness.”

So here’s a different possibility/solution if you’re willing to consider it:

First take your hands off your eyes and ears and stop going lalalala  I don’t hear anything.

Lower your “walls of protection” and take a step into the energy of what you’ve been refusing to acknowledge, receive, etc.

Next, ask questions: what awareness am I having here that I’m not getting? What can I choose differently that would make “this” change?

Usually after some time, if you’re willing to be in allowance of it you’ll get an awareness of what’s going on and also what to choose to facilitate more ease.

3rd step: choose…sometimes it doesn’t make sense until you choose and then you go ahhh, that’s what it was.  “LOL , that wasn’t so bad”(my usual expression)

You see, our mind is our most powerful creator of point of views. It will tell us that we can and can’t do.

It’s ok though because guess who created the mind?!! We did, so guess who’s even more powerful?!! That’s correct we are…we always have choice to see, to be, to choose, to act differently.

That’s all my dear friends!!

May life comes to you with EASE, JOY, and GLORY!! 😀


The OTHER Conscious Chick


Comments on: "Would an Infinite Being have problems?" (2)

  1. Maggie thank you so much for this post. It is funny how quick we forget these things, well maybe more sad then funny. Anyway I am definitely going to use this.
    Thank you again for all the help you give

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting Lisa!!
    “tears doesn’t solve anything, laughters dissipates everything is my motto.” So if you can laugh about it more power to you. Hahaha how does it get even better than this?!! Thank you for being you 🙂

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