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Spring and Gratitude

Honestly, I always feel that I have much to be grateful for.  My life and living is pretty amazing.  It’s a wonderful experience being where I am now.  And something about spring and watching nature get a fresh start brings up new and additional gratitude in me.


I moved into my house in September, long after all the flowers had gone.  Aside from shrubs and hostas, I thought there was nothing much else here.

Surprise!  Surprise!

This month, I’ve been overjoyed at the surprises that have peeked out of the ground as the snow melts and the ground thaws.  First there were little purple and white flowers that popped up all over the lawn…not the weedy kind, but not really crocus either.  They were pretty and reminded me that eventually warmth would be here.

Then it snowed.  Nature is so funny that way.

Then others began to grow in various places…under trees, in a sort of flower bed area, along the fence.  I was excited to see what these green leaves would be.

Patience sucks!

Then I saw this:


And then these:


And these too:

Purple Tulips

It’s been so much fun.

Patience Sucks!

There are still some plants that have yet to show me what their flowers look like…

Green leaves

I’m trying to be patient.


Isn’t it magnificent?  This planet where we live and all the beauty that surrounds us?  Listening to the birds and hearing the return of geese & ducks.  Seeing cardinals perched in the evergreen tree.
Watching people prepare their lawns and homes for new flowers and trees.  Seeing the sun on a regular basis.  Opening the windows to allow the fresh air to fill my little home.

They are all grateful…the birds, the geese, the deer munching on the new green grasses.  And I am grateful!

I thought the only flowers in my yard this year would be these:

Hanging flowers

How did I get so lucky??!

What are you grateful for this day?!

Overflowing with gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!

How does it get any better than this?!?!


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