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Shine Your Light

Each of us has been put on Earth with the ability to do something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don’t use that ability as best we can. ~G Allen Sr

Are you aware of this?  Do you know that you bring something that no one else can?

I read this quote the other day and for some reason it resonated a little deeper than usual.  And I took more time to really look at this area.

This little light of mine…

It seems like we spend a lot of time hiding our light.  Whether it’s because society doesn’t “buy what we’re selling” or because we’ve been told it’s not okay to “outshine” others or we judge ourselves as wrong for “making” others appear less.  Aren’t those all just interesting points of view?

Are we selling anything?  And is it required that anyone buy it?  In choosing that, doesn’t it seem we are just trying to prove we’re right?  Or they are trying to prove they are right by “not buying” it?

If we are each unique and talented in our own way, can we outshine anyone else?  If we each bring something different to the table, can we compare with each other in such a way that anyone outshines?

The last is my favorite…Can we “make” anyone feel a certain way?  Unless someone chooses to feel like they are somehow “less” can we make them feel that way?  My dad reminded me of an interesting story:

When my ex was in the Army, we listed our bed for sale.  An officer’s wife called and wanted to purchase the bed.  She showed up with some big guys to haul it out of the apartment and once it was loaded in the car, attempted to give me 1/2 the money.  I promptly requested that her guys unload my bed and bring it back inside.

She thought that because she was an officer’s wife, she could make me feel less and take the money she offered.  Only she didn’t know me!  I did not choose to feel like I was less than her and therefore her attempts did not work.

Shine Your Light

If we each have a unique talent or gift that we bring to the world, then shouldn’t we bring it?  In my point of view, we do a huge disservice to everyone if we do not.  We are not honoring ourselves by hiding our unique abilities.  We are not honoring others by keeping our talent to ourselves.

Our greatest gift to the world is to be the gift we are in the world!

Are you willing?  Are you willing to shine your light, regardless of society or limiting beliefs?  Are you willing to be the gift you are…to me?  To your family?  Your friends?  The stranger in the grocery store?

What if…

…in choosing to be that gift, you show others what is possible for them?  Do you get the possibility that people will see it’s possible for you to bring your amazingness to the table and that will make them think that maybe they can do the same?

What would our world be like if everyone was willing to shine their light?

Much Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory!


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