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Wonder and Joy

My friend Bridget Pilloud is quite brilliant.  She recently wrote a Soul Note about wonder.  As usual, it got me thinking.  Bridget has a way of doing that…getting me thinking.

When do we lose that sense of wonder?  At what point do we look at the world around us and think, “Eh, big deal.”  It happens.  When does it occur?

That’s not really a valuable inquiry.  It doesn’t matter *when* or *how* or even *why*.  That’s irrelevant.

Can we get it back?

I perceive that we can.  It’s as simple as making a choice.  Choose to see the wonder in all that’s around us…our friends, our family, our pets, in the trees and flowers, in the stars and the clouds.  We live in a wondrous place.  It’s a wondrous planet.

Take time to notice it.


I remember watching an eagle one day.  It was freezing cold out and very windy.  It was cloudy.  The lake was frozen over.  And I was thinking how miserable and cold I was.  And then I saw a bald eagle.  He was HIGH in the sky, almost a dot.  I watched him play and soar on the wind.  Not a care in the world.  He didn’t seem to mind the cold.  He just played.  I watched him as far as I could, since I was driving.

The rest of my drive I pondered, in wonder, the gift he’d given me.  Does my point of view create my reality?  If I’m cold & miserable, is it because of my circumstances or because of my point of view?  Clearly, the eagle didn’t have a point of view about the cold.  And he was expressing joy & exuberance.  What was I expressing?  Interesting choice…


I’m puppy-sitting.  At this stage of my life, I am not desiring a puppy.  His person is clearly ready for a puppy.  His person views his antics and such as cute.  I took the puppy for a walk today and he ran circles around me, getting his feet tangled up in the leash and jumping up and down and up and down….and up and down.  I did not find this cute at all.  (It is possible that it was primarily due to my dogs not finding it cute and me perceiving their annoyance, as he bumped into them over & over.)

At a certain point, I stopped.  I watched the puppy, bouncing and enjoying life.  Not a care in the world.  Ears flopping.  Paws going 50 directions at once.  This puppy full of life…smelling every single blade of grass, balking at the bike and the guy on rollerblades, trying to chase the trash truck.  He views the world with wonder.

Our Point of View Creates our Reality

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.  The eagle and the puppy choose to see the wonder of this glorious planet.  Where was I unwilling to see the wonder around me?  What am I refusing to receive from this amazing planet I live on?  Where are you unwilling to receive wonder and joy?

What would it take to be completely child-like and live the wonder of this life?  Are you willing to choose it?
Much gratitude!
One Conscious Chick!!

May all of life come to you with ease and joy and glory!!


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