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In my line of work as a facilitator, I use lots of questions.  I also use lots of questions in my daily life & living.  I find that the more I question, the more possibilities I become aware of that I hadn’t noticed before.

Questions are an interesting thing though.  There are at least two types of questions.  And it’s interesting how sometimes questions can be “used against” us.  Meaning…we use questions against ourselves.

Question #1

The first type of question leads to greater awareness.  It allows for infinite possibilities.  These questions show us new and different ways of functioning in the world.

If I don’t feel well, for example, I could say:

Great.  I have a cold.  This sucks.

Or I could ask:

What is this?  Can I change it?  How can I change it?  And what else is possible?

Now, the awareness may be that some vitamins or tylenol are required…and that is fine!  There may also be something else going on.  And maybe it’s just a cold.

If I don’t ask the question and I assume it’s a cold and it sucks, then do I allow for something else to be possible?  What if it’s not a cold?

There are many questions at our fingertips.  Questions like:

How does it get any better than this?
What else is possible?
What grand and glorious adventures will I have today?
Would an infinite being truly choose this?
What would it take for ___ to show up in my life?

Part of the key to asking these questions is to not go looking for the answer.  And you can’t be vested in the outcome.  For example,

How does it get any better than this?!?
Well…I could win the lottery and pay off all my bills and buy a house and a new car.

Does that sound like infinite possibilities to you?  Or has the individual already decided what is better?  And in that decision, have they locked out any other possibilities that could have shown up?

Interesting point of view…

Question #2

The second type of question I see most often is the type that people use against themselves.  In much the same way that trying to answer the open ended question can lock out other possibilities, asking these types of questions can also lock out infinite possibilities.

What would it take for a red Mercedes convertible with tan interior and an iPod dock and heated seats and….that costs less than $10K to show up in my life?

Yea..’cause that sounds like infinite possibilities!!!  The person has already decided that this (I am not typing all of that again) is the only thing they are willing to receive.  So, if it doesn’t look exactly like this, they will never even see the gift!  How interesting is that?!

My Experience

When I started the process of divorcing my husband, I called Gary and asked him for some questions to ask.  Things were getting uglier by the minute and I really desired to facilitate something different for myself.  My awareness was that divorce didn’t have to be ugly and messy unless I chose to make it that way.  Gary gave me two questions:

What are the infinite possibilities that this could work out better than I ever imagined or dreamed possible?

What energy, space & consciousness can my body & I be that would allow the lies to be known and the truth to be seen?

So, I asked these questions, and many others, daily.  It wasn’t always pretty and there was a lot of hostility coming at me weekly, sometimes even daily.  And yet, for me, it was not stressful.  I just continued to ask questions…”What is required here?” or “What can I do today?” and “What would it take to live a life of ease and joy and glory?”

At times, I thought it would never end.  And I wasn’t even fighting!  It’s interesting to see how long a person can fight themselves.  Interesting point of view…

In the end, it worked out better than I could have EVER orchestrated on my own.  Everything was what I desired and more.  How does it get even better than that??!

Use Questions to Facilitate Greater Possibilities!

Please!  Stop using questions against you.  Get out of your own way and stop deciding what’s going to happen.  Ask questions that can facilitate something new and different.

Much Gratitude for you!
One Conscious Chick!!

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!


Comments on: "Question" (4)

  1. Sarah,

    Thank you so much for your amazing post on how to use questions in the right way so they can work *for* people. Your willingness to share parts of your story is such a gift to us all.

    Keep on keepin’ on, Chickie! God bless!

    • So happy you enjoyed it Caren. And grateful for your contribution to Conscious Chicks. It’s questions here & in the group that facilitate these posts. xoxo

  2. Sarah, thanks so much for the divorce questions… that second one is exactly what I required right now… much gratitude! and WEIP?

    • How does it get even better than that Lisa!?!?? So grateful I could contribute what was required for you today. WEIP indeed???!!

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