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Soooo, Maggie talked about ask & receive a little while ago.  And in her lovely example, it was NOT showing up as expected.  And yet, it was showing up…as she asked.

My Responsibility

It’s my responsibility to ask.  That’s all that is required of me.  I ask the question…

What would it take for ____ to show up?
What would it take for more fun and joy in my life?
What energy, space & consciousness can I be for everything I’ve ever desired to show up with total ease?
What else is possible that I can’t even dream or imagine?

I ask these questions and then ….

The rest isn’t my job!!!

It’s up to God or the universe or whatever your belief system happens to be to figure out the how.  “How” can Sarah have more fun & joy?  “How” can what she desires show up with ease?

That’s His/Its job.  Not mine.

The “old” me

I used to try and figure out all the details.  I’d ask the question, “What would it take for more fun & joy to show up?” and then I’d sit and think about all the ways it could show up.

I could go ride.
I could play more.
I could do this.
I could do that.

I would dream up all these different scenarios and “possibilities” and yet, in doing so…guess what?  I limited what could show up because I had decided the ways in which it could show up.

Damn Decisions

We do it all the time.  We make decisions about people, about events, about EVERYTHING!!!!  We decide something will look a particular way.  Then when it shows up differently than we expect, we think it didn’t show up at all.

We are so freakin cute….not so much bright sometimes.

Then we complain….

It makes me think of that movie “Pretty Woman” where Julia Robert’s character walks into the dress shop where they’d treated her poorly & after a big day of shopping says, “BIG mistake. Huge!”

We complain because we think it’s not showing up.  Or we complain about “how” it’s showing up because it doesn’t look like we’d judged & decided it would look.

And guess what?!

Then..God or the universe or your flavor of that says, “Fine.  You asked.  I gifted it.  And now you’re complaining!  See if I gift you again.”

OK.  Not exactly like that…and you get the idea, right?

An Alternative

What if we could let go of all the decisions we’ve made about how it will occur?  What if we could be completely open to allow it to show up in any way and every way possible?

Then, when it shows up, we won’t not recognize it because we were completely open to it showing up “how”ever it showed up.  Wouldn’t that be cool?!

But don’t do this!  Ever!  Because you wouldn’t really want the things you’ve been asking for to show up so easily!  Seriously, don’t do it.

Much Gratitude!
One Conscious Chick!

ALL of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory!


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