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Go with Your Gut!

Here’s more on my Italy experience that has more focus on listening to your knowing.  That little voice that makes a suggestion.  The knowing we sometimes get in a given situation that tells us what is required that we sometimes listen to…and sometimes we ignore.

The following are examples of knowings.

Example #1:

Prior to my trip to Italy, as I was packing, I had a knowing to put a couple of changes of clothes and my make-up and such in my carry-on bag.  Only I head-tripped about it.  I thought things like:

I would be SO pissed if I had to throw away my make-up at the security checkpoints.
If I pack clothes in there, I may not have room for some of my other things…laptop, camera, pillow, etc.
It would suck if the shampoo leaked all over my clothes or my camera, etc.

Notice how all of those are NOT questions!  I didn’t ask a question.  It bit me in the ass!

Then, my suitcase decided to stay in Chicago, instead of traveling with me.  Knowing:  Pack some stuff in carry-on.  I ignored that.

Cute, not bright.

Example #2:

The first night in Italy, after visiting with some lovely people in a Pasticceria, I had dinner in the hotel restaurant.  A waiter there asked me to have drinks with him after his shift.  He was handsome & well-dressed.  And I was exhausted after arriving that morning and sitting through class all day.

I did not meet him for drinks.

The next day, he asked where I was.  I told him I was probably sleeping.  He said that he’d see me later.  I did not see him the rest of that day.  I did, however, see him the next day when he dropped off his co-worker as I was returning from lunch.  He hugged me (not completely unheard of) and then kissed me…not in the once of the right cheek & once of the left cheek way, but in the sticking his tongue down my throat way.  Interesting.

Later, after class ended, he wanted to speak with me.  We walked outside.  He kissed me again and then asked if I wanted to go back to his place and “have-a the sex.”  I almost laughed in his face.

Knowing:  Even if I were the type to do this, sex with this guy would have been SO NOT rewarding in any way.  It would have been all about him…and very little to nothing about me.  I would choose that for what reason???  This time I listened to that knowing!!!!

How’s it get even better than that?!?!

For me…

My gut has never led me astray.  It has never NOT served me.  My gut always knows what is best for me.  It knew that packing a few changes of clothes would be a good idea.  And it knew that going to “have-a the sex” with this guy would not be a rewarding choice.

Good job, gut!  I am grateful for you and all you do.  And I’m sorry for the times I ignore you and act as if you’re not valuable.

The Interesting Part

It all worked out.  I received a tremendous gift in Italy…the gift of no attachment.  The gift of letting go.  I enjoyed an amazing class with amazing facilitators in a phenomenal environment!


How does it get even better than that?!

Much Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "Go with Your Gut!" (4)

  1. “Have-a-the-sex” sounds like a menu item LOL Thanks for another awesome read 🙂

  2. Good for you, Sarah! Way to listen up! (Even if a little late that one time.) 😉

    • Thanks Caren. Sometimes I’m slow. Sometimes I’m faster. What would it take to be faster all the time?!

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