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It’s interesting what can show up in life, when we are open to having any possibilities available to us.  Some of you know, I traveled to Italy to update my certification as a facilitator so I can keep doing this amazing work I do.  It was an adventure!

What shows up

Sometimes what shows up is not what we expect…AT ALL!  We go through life and we think we know what life might look like, or we have this idea of how we’d like it to look, and then it knocks our socks off.  It plays out even better than we could ever imagine possible.

How does it get any better than that?!

Here’s what occurred for me on my fabulous trip to paradise:

It started with packing.  Packing for classes is always interesting.  I love dressing up!  LOVE it!  So, I packed dresses and high heeled shoes.  I packed all my favorite jeans and flouncy shirts.  I packed my favorite lotions and make-up…even perfume.  I was going to have fun!

And I did.  And it didn’t show up like I expected AT ALL!  It was phenomenal.

I arrived in Rome on Friday morning about 8am (Rome time) after leaving Chicago at 3:45pm (local time) on Thursday.  I was able to sleep on the plane a bit which was great since I had to go straight to class.  Flying in I was speechless by the beauty I could see from the plane window.  I always knew Italy was beautiful…and I’d forgotten just HOW beautiful.

I walked to the baggage carousel and waited for my suitcase.  Like me, my suitcase is unlike others.  It’s dark brown with large pink, teal and blue tulips all over it with large green stems and leaves.  I adore it!  It’s perfectly me.  People grabbed their bags and walked away.  I remained.  *sigh*

After filing my claim for my missing baggage, I caught a cab to the hotel.  I was in want of a shower & fresh change of clothes.  I sat through the first half of class and as soon as lunch break was declared, I ran to the local store for a change of clothes and some supplies.  I returned to my room to shower and change.  And returned to class for the remainder of the day.

I checked in at the front desk to have them call the airline and check on my baggage.  Nothing.

The second day went much the same as the first.  Class all day.  Several attempts at tracking down my baggage.  Still nothing.

On the third day, the gentleman at the front desk, knowing it had been several days, inquired further of the airline.  He discovered that they knew NOTHING of where my baggage was.  He relayed to me that usually they can say, “Oh, it went to Milan by mistake.”  In this case, they had NO idea!

It was a lesson in no attachment.  I was pretty attached to all my favorite things.  I had to let go.  By Sunday night, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never see my things again.  And I was actually (mostly) okay with that.

I had shared my plight with a few of my fellow facilitators and one lovely man said, “Sarah, you pulled it off.  No one here would ever know you’ve been without your baggage.  You look great everyday.  No one would know unless you told them.”  He was correct.  The last morning, I was eating breakfast and mentioned it to some gals in class.  They were shocked!  No one knew..unless I shared.

How cool is that!?!?


I used this word intentionally throughout the above story.  I was attached to my baggage.  I hauled it with me across the ocean.  Well, I tried to anyway.  Lucky for me, my baggage knew it was better if it stayed behind so I could receive the change that was required.  I love when things work for my best interest!


Italy is a lovely place.  I had a glorious time.  There is something about wandering aimlessly through Rome, taking in the slowness of it all, that is just…wow!  Walking into a Pasticceria late at night and chatting with an Italian attorney and an Armenian barista.  Strolling through town in the morning, chatting with street vendors, and following the bronze statue atop a building which ended up being the Musei Capitolini.  Seeing Foro Romano.  Crossing a canal and seeing Isola Tiberina with some of the most beautiful plants and buildings!

What a gift!


Did I receive change in Italy?  You bet your @$$ I did!  I can hardly recall who I was before I left.  No, not like amnesia.  I have very little reference points for how I might have responded.

Really.  After surviving a trip without baggage and not only surviving but thriving.  Experiencing true ease and joy and glory.  Having a great time in the face of challenges.  Making a seemingly bad situation, a joy-full experience.

What is bad anyway?

I mean, really?  Who decides what is bad?  For me, this trip was amazing!  Everything was perfect.  The weather.  The people.  The scenery.  Even buying new clothes!

How can a trip to Italy be bad?!

What are you willing to receive?

In the face of “adversity” what gift are you willing to receive?  When challenges present themselves, do you cry and/or wallow in self pity?  Or do you look for the gift??

That was my gift in all this….to see the gift in any and all circumstances.

Oh!  And I learned a lot in class and was able to let go of a lot of limitation and points of view…most likely because I didn’t have all that baggage with me!

Much Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "Ch-ch-changes" (4)

  1. OH! And when I let go of all attachment to my baggage that Sunday evening, my luggage showed up in Chicago just waiting on me to ask a question. How does it get even better than that?!?

  2. Wow! You are amazing, Sarah! What would it take for me to be so calm about losing this “baggage” I’m dragging around?

    • Thanks for your contribution Caren! What else is possible for you and your “baggage” that you haven’t even dreamed possible?! And thanks for your kind words…It was an adventure of magnitude! lol

  3. […] I recently traveled to Italy for re-certification and boy, oh boy, was it an adventure.  As always, Italy did not disappoint for scenery and energy.  I wrote about what I learned over at my partner blog…Conscious Chicks. […]

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