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Questioning Relationship

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ll dole out some ideas that you can try.  But you wouldn’t want to do that because it might actually offer a different possibility in relationship and that would just be horrible.  So, never mind, don’t read this.  Move along.  You don’t desire a new possibility in your relationships.

OK.  Well, if you insist…

This picture struck me as SO funny!  Not really related…well, sort of but not quite.


We talk a lot about questions here at Conscious Chicks.  And if you are in the Facebook group, you get LOTS of questions from us daily!  We love questions.  We love to be asked questions.  And we love to ask questions.

Questions empower us.  They open our eyes and minds to new perspectives and possibilities.  Questions lead us into that area outside of our comfort zone where increased awareness is possible.

LOVE questions!


Damn society again…always screwing things up.  We’re taught very young to not question.

Don’t question authority.
Don’t question the way things are.
Don’t question life.

Yea, ’cause that’s fun.  Or not.  Good thing I’m the kid who gets told “don’t” and thinks, “OK, cool.  I am SO doing that!”

I question everything!

Yea, but how does this apply to relationship?

I knew that’s what you were thinking!!!  It’s OK to admit it.

What if you questioned everything in your relationship?  What if everything was framed in a question?  I mean…EVERYTHING!

Is it rewarding to give this person my number?
Is it rewarding to go have drinks with this person?
Is it rewarding to see this person again?
Will it be rewarding to kiss this person?
Body, would you like this person to touch you?
Is it rewarding to have sex with this person?
Body, will this person contribute to us and be nurturing for us?

And if things go icky:
Is it rewarding to continue?
Will it be rewarding to stay in it?

And there are a million other questions that can be asked around a relationship!

What happens sometimes is…

…we decide that someone is Mr/Ms Right and conclude that they are perfect in every way.  Then we don’t see the ways that the person is not contributing to our lives or that it’s not rewarding.

WHERE is the question in that!?!?

Cute, not bright.

We never ask a f&*$ing question!  Then we wonder why we get burned.

Valentine’s Day

So, this Valentine’s Day would you be willing to play with and explore the possibility of asking questions and checking in daily, even every 10 seconds, to see if it’s rewarding?!  Would you be willing to ask a question or two?  I’ve offered some great starters and there’s always the standards:

What else is possible?
How’s it get any better than this?!
What grand and glorious adventures await?

What if developing and cultivating a questioning relationship blew it all wide open?!  What if EVERYTHING changed and ANYTHING was possible?  Would you be willing to play?

Much Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "Questioning Relationship" (3)

  1. OMG!! How does it get even better than this?!! Thank you so much! I adore you xoxo

  2. Interesting way of looking at the thoughts we oughta choose to think.

    I once asked myself “is this man a sociopath? Is this guy a murderer?” My answer in my head was “he might be” then I kept walking up the country path in the dark with him anyways.

    Twelve years of marriage later to said guy… this was my valentine’s letter he sent:

    For all the time we have had, and for all the time that shall be, my love is true and strong. I face each day knowing your love. To you I have pledged my heart, and to you it will be always true. For there is no me, without you , as we have become one – in life, in soul and in love.

    You know, I’m really glad I didn’t listen to the answer I gave myself all those years ago. Marrying him after knowing him only 1.5 weeks was the best decision I have ever made.

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