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Ask & You Shall Receive.

REALLY,  its true!!

Hello lovely people,

How the heck are you?

Remember the other day I wrote about ask and you shall receive—the Universe is truly on your side. Really!! This is sort of a follow up that I couldn’t resist not to share. While visiting people the Monday and Tuesday, I became astonished how much I was served cake left and right and I even made a comment,

“Hmm, there’s an awfully lots of birthdays around or something interesting is going on.”

There’s something about it I couldn’t put my finger on. What is it? Then it dawned on me last night when I came home.


I asked a question last week randomly about something. I said, “what would it take for me to have cake and eat it too?” Hahaha….get it? Cake and eat it too!! I AM now…how cool is that? 😀

Although…when I asked the question about cake I’m sure I wasn’t talking about cake the food. It just goes to show that when you ask you shall receive even in funny and unexpected forms.

It goes to show that the Universe is really listening to your request and it is truly on your side. So when you ask and things don’t show up immediately the way you would like it to just remember that it may show up waaaay more different and more fun than you think. SURPRISE!! How does it get even better than that?

Adios lovely people!! Until next time….hehehe… 😀


The “Other” Conscious Chicky


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