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My Valentine

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I’m finding that ads are just jam-packed with messages of “love.”  Yes.  I put that in quotation marks.  Here’s a great one:

Why He’s Not “in Love”

The truth about men who aren’t “emotionally available”. How to know if you’ve got one and what to do if you’re dating one.

**The mascara tear is a nice touch, don’t you think?

And another:

Make Him Addicted To You

Just say this to make him commit his heart to you. Get free member access and find out.

**Because “addict” says, “Love me forever!”  Sheesh!

And  my personal fave:

Find Your Other Half

1000’s of cute boys waiting to meet you at smartdate.com. Register now!

**I’m missing half of me?? I SO did not know that!!!  That explains soooooo much!  😉

Isn’t it interesting?

I find it very interesting that the overall theme is that there is ANYTHING a woman can say/do to turn an “emotionally unavailable” guy on his heels and send him running into her arms, addicted to her and declaring his undying love so that they can “complete each other” because part of her was missing til he showed up.


I’m not cynical.

Really.  I’m not.  I love long kisses.  And walks in the moonlight.  Playing at the park.  Running in the rain.  I adore snuggling in on a cold night with a movie.  (All of that sounds more like what I do with my dogs!  Haha!)

I’m not cynical.  I adore men!  I think men are fabulous beings.  They are a wonderful contribution on our amazing planet.  Men ROCK!

And I’m not missing half of me!

I am whole.  Just as I am.

YOU are whole.  Just as you are!

No man holds the missing link to the half of me that I’m missing.  I am not missing half of me.  I was born whole.  I will be whole til the day I leave this planet…man, or no man.

And same goes for men!  Men are whole, with or without a woman.  (I’m just writing from my own perspective since I am a woman.)

Damn Society!

Our society makes this big deal out of being “alone” or whatever.  I am not alone!  Most of the time, I’d love some “alone” time. 😀

What is that anyway?!  Alone?  If we are all energetic beings..and we’re all connected on some level..can we EVER truly be alone?!  Or are we buying into the bullshit that our society feeds us?  Would you like to give that up?!


This Valentine’s Day…and every day for that matter…be your own valentine!  Love and adore you!  Do something special for yourself..because YOU are worth it.  Not because some man/woman finds you worthy.

Are you willing??!  Do you really desire something different?!

Much Gratitude for you!
One Conscious Chick!

What would it be like to be grateful for YOU?!


Comments on: "My Valentine" (7)

  1. Yaeah, baby!! How does it get even better than this?

  2. […] wrote a bit on my point of view about Valentine’s Day at Conscious Chicks today.  Rather than reiterate it all here…I’ll just link it up & you can read it […]

  3. Huh. I’m missing half of me. Who knew. 😉

    When I was in college, a couple of girlfriends and I would go out for dinner with each other every Valentine’s Day. It was the perfect way to spend the evening.

    • That sounds like fun, Elizabeth!

      It just amazes me, although I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, that our society makes it out like without a “mate” you’re only half. Annoying.

  4. Love this post! Thank you guys for posting! hdigabtt? 🙂

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