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Play Your Cards…and Win!

So, first things first.  Are you aware that you chose the cards you are playing?  You chose THIS life..whatever that looks like for you.  The body.  The mate.  The kids (and/or furkids).  The successes.  The failures.  All of it.

Each choice you made on the way to today created this life for you.  Soooooooo, you chose this wonderful life!

Oh, wait..oops!  Guess that wasn’t first.  First would be to read the first part of this post.

On to the Game! (more from the lovely success coach, Wendy Hart)

You’re sitting at a table, playing cards with your friends.  And if you have the better hand, you win!  Simple right.

And when you win at cards you don’t feel badly for winning.  And you don’t purposefully try to lose (unless maybe you’re playing kids).  You play your best hand and win!

Some cards are maybe on the table for everyone to see.  Some are in your hand and only you can see them.

What if life were like a game?

What if we could choose to win and not feel badly for it?  And more importantly, what if we stopped trying to lose to make others feel better?  Play your best hand and win!

The cards that everyone can see…those are things like how you look, your family, etc.  The ones only you can see…those are the talents you hide from the world because you KNOW if you played them, you would SMOKE everyone!

What is wrong with smoking everyone?  What is wrong with taking your unique talent, playing it and winning?

But I might hurt their feelings if I win and they lose.

Who decided it’s a trade off?  Who decided that if you win, everyone else loses?

Sure.  In a card game, one person wins.  In life, only you can bring your unique talent to the table and if you win, it doesn’t mean anyone loses.  They are playing a different game!  They are playing the game of THEIR life, not your life!  Only YOU are playing the game of your life.

Gotcha!  Sooooooo cute!

A Different Possibility…

What if you putting your unique talent on the table, playing your hand in your game, and winning was an invitation to others to do the same?  What if you choosing to win meant that others could see the possibility of winning and choose to win also?

How cool would that be??!


I can hear you asking….

Weeeeeeellllllll, just look at those things which you know you are great at, but that you hide from the world and pretend you cannot do…and choose to DO THEM!

What else is possible that we haven’t even imagined??

Much Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "Play Your Cards…and Win!" (3)

  1. crud…i’m logged in as CrindelStar so I will keep this g-rated. Unicorns don’t cuss ! (We don’t??? Who said?) ummm — never mind.
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! ❤ and am sending the males your way — here comes the testosterone — someone grab a beer and/or whoppie cushion!
    Just shared with 3 of my closest Neanderthals ..I mean MEN!
    love those guys 🙂
    and you two Chicks too!!

  2. […] goes along with hiding your unique talents, not playing your own game with the hand you have and how playing and winning can be an invitation […]

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