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The Same’Ol $H!%

Do you have the tendency to choose the same ‘ol shit over and over again and expect a miraculous different result? In relationship, work, LIFE?!! In a funny insignificant way like this chick for an example.

Do you notice this awesome pattern somewhere in your life? How’s that working for you?

Well, I’ve gotta tell you this subject has got my name written all over it. This is gotta be one of my favorite and most interesting choice. I have this one job that I keep choosing over and over. For some reason I somehow made it more valuable than me. I would keep choosing it over an over again even though it’s not expansive, not joyful and its not fun (oh God is it not fun. See it’s so not fun I’ve to say it twice). I keep telling myself that if I just be loyal to it, be in allowance with it that something miraculous is going to happen. Things are going to change for the better and they will realize what a valuable product I am. If I use the Access Consciousness questions and tools things gotta change, right?! I’m still waiting….

Well, darling (I’m telling myself here) I’ve got some interesting things to say about this. If it hasn’t yet change what makes you think its going to change now? And until you’re willing to change it (not FIX) it ain’t gonna change!!

Do you know what Albert Einstein said in regards to this silly thing of choosing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?


Yep, that’s right folks, INSANITY.

So how many of you are willing to admit you’re a crazed, cuckoo, idiotic, insane, delirious, deranged, demented really cute but not so bright lunatic?

(Ooh ooh I AM!!)

Here’s my point of view…is the insanity working for you? If it is please refrain from reading further. To do so would encourage change, which means you’d be aware of the insanity you’re choosing and when you’re choosing to be more conscious then you’re no longer insane. (Damn! Just burst my bubble of insanity.) Did that statement fry your brain or did you actually understand all that? HA…craziness!

So here’s a tip:

1). If there’s a pattern in your life and things are not changing there is most likely an awareness you’re unwilling to address?

Ask yourself this,

What is the awareness you’re pretending not to know and denying that you know?

2). Are you willing to choose something different now?

(Or not, have fun swimming in the insanity :D)

P.S. Would you like to know the difference between Change and Fix?

Whoa!! I’m still dizzy…good thing I’m sitting (this must be my item, LOL)

Until next time wonderful people,

Hugs to you all


The Other Conscious Chicky


Comments on: "The Same’Ol $H!%" (4)

  1. I have no idea what you’re talking about Maggie! LOL!! *hides head in order to avoid the spotlight shining right on me*

    This is one of the big sticking points for us, in my point of view. We keep doing it over and over…and “WHY ISN’T IT WORKING?” I mean, I said affirmations. And I crossed my eyes and jumped up & down 3 times. I gave it 150%. WHY DOES IT KEEP TURNING OUT THE SAME?!??!?

    Gawd, we’re cute!

    Oh…and I love the link!!! She is so funny! And her illustrations are a special bonus!

  2. No kidding, right?! LMAO!
    What’s right about this am I not getting? I’m still dizzy I need a nap to recover. I can’t possibly using this to block my awareness, right? What are you using to disregard the awareness you could be choosing? (Yikes, I’m even dizzier now…hahaha…hdigabtt?)

    I do like the link…she’s awesome and totally willing to be her (drunk or sober, lol)

  3. We are here for the experience and seems we like some things sooo much that we simply must do them over and over and over again 🙂 Thank Goodness for Perfect Timing.

    • Yes, you’re correct, Jill. We must experience the same things over and over again until we get the awareness. We get it when we get it (whether it means getting it in 1 second of 1 year) . How does it get even better than this? What would it take for us to perceive, know, be, and receive all awarenesses with total ease and clarity?
      Thank you for your contribution 😀

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