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Play Your Cards

On a coaching call with Wendy Hart, we were discussing judgment…mostly self-judgment.  It’s everywhere.  And a lot of the time.

Anywaaaaaaay…Wendy talked about playing your cards.  And it hit me like a ton of bricks!  THAT’s what happens.  Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, nnooooooowwwwww I get it!

What the hell is she talking about?

It’s an analogy.  Life is like a box of chocolates…or um, a deck of cards.  We each have a hand that we play in our game of life.

Soooooo, for instance, my hand looks like this:

Single mom, 2 kids
Either work or kids pretty much take my time
I have to do my own housework or it doesn’t get done

Someone else’s hand might look like this:

40-something, menopausal
Grown kids
Now that the kids are grown I don’t know what to do
Drives a station wagon

Here’s where we stick ourselves…

We are mad and judging the hell out of ourselves, relentlessly….


Because we are trying to play the wrong game!!!!  We are so stinkin’ cute!

It would be the equivalent of taking my hand above…30-something, single mom of 2, etc…and trying to play this game…20-something, never been married, totally untethered.

Or the 40-something trying to play this game:

20-something bombshell with a high powered career and a sports car and a maid who comes once a week so she can focus on her high powered career and supermodel boyfriend.

AND THEEEEEEN, we judge ourselves as if there’s something wrong with us.

There’s nothing wrong with you!!!

I repeat, there is absolutely, positively NOTHING wrong with you!

So, stop judging the hell out of yourself for nothing.
…..mooooooooorrrrre to come!

Much Gratitude,

One Conscious Chick!

PS–Next (hopefully tomorrow) I’ll write a bit about winning the game you’re playing with the hand you chose!

How does it get better than this?!


Comments on: "Play Your Cards" (3)

  1. Really?!! There’s nothing wrong with me? If I can’t judge myself how will I improve myself?

    • LOL! Right? Self-improvement isn’t really required and if there’s an area in life that we’d like to change, then how does judging ourselves change it?! We’ve been indoctrinated, so to speak, that to judge ourselves relentlessly is the only way to effect change in our lives. And truthfully, does it ever work? It limits us SO much!

      And yes, there is nothing wrong with you! xoxo

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