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The Search…

What is it that we are looking for?  We are all looking for something right?  We devour books.  We attend seminars.  We take classes.  Participate in groups.

I suppose it’s different for everyone.  For me, it’s about finding the truth.  The truth of me.  The truth of what is.

How about you?

I had a couple of things this week that I came across that I found quite interesting….and interestingly enough, they contribute not only to each other but also to my search for truth.


The first thing I found was this video.  And if you have time to watch, I’d invite you to watch.  For me, somewhere around the 10:00 mark, he talks about divergent thinking.  And how divergent thinking is very present in young children and as we are educated, it is essentially educated right out of us.

Here is the video.

A Book

The second “knock on the head” I received was in a book, loaned to me by a dear friend.  The book is The Fifth Agreement. It’s quite fascinating to read.  In it, the author says:

In the process of domestication, you lose your innocence, but in losing your innocence, you start to search for what you have lost, and this leads you to gain awareness.  Once you recover awareness, you become completely responsible for your own evolution — for every choice you make in life.

When you are educated by the dream of the planet, you have no choice; you learn so many lies.  But maybe it’s time to unlearn those lies, and relearn how to follow the truth by following your own heart.


I totally adore and am infinitely grateful when information comes together like this, in a way that really lands for me so that I get it.

How does it get even better than this?!

I have been looking at life through different eyes so to speak.  With many things, I ask:  Is this really true?  So many things we are told are just not true.  If you look at the whole picture and if you look from awareness, there are discrepancies all over the place!

So much of what I learned about life and love and God has been untrue or half-truths.  Now, as I look at it with a different perspective, I can see those half-truths and un-truths.  And it doesn’t mean that I reject it, I can just see the truth of it.

How cool is that?!

So, what else is possible for you?  What might you find on your search?  Are you finding bits and pieces along the way?  We’d love to hear about it!!

Much Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!


Comments on: "The Search…" (2)

  1. Truth, this is definitely an interesting subject to explore. I’m certainly curious to know if truth is applicable to all–as in universal truth or does truth only apply specifically to that person. Can you elaborate on that? And…also what about us always searching for things outside of us instead of acknowledging the greatness within. What’s right about that are we not getting?
    Thank you for your contribution. I adore you! xoxoxo 🙂

    • I guess it’s relative, so to speak. In my point of view, there are those universal truths…ask/receive, gravity, etc. Then there are personal truths, if ya wanna call them that. Sometimes there are things that will be true for me that are not true for someone else. Again, just my point of view.

      As far as searching…people seem to look outside of themselves a LOT! In my own personal search, I am learning to acknowledge the greatness within and trusting myself more and more all the time. I find that I don’t go to outside sources as much as I used to. Occasionally, if I’m having an issue of clarity.

      What *is* right about us…right here, right now?!

      Grateful for your contribution!

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