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Being Unkind

We’ve decided that lots of things make us unkind.

Where have you decided that if things work out well for you, you are being unkind to other people?  Everything that is, would you be willing to let it go now?  Please?


Why do we believe that by choosing what we’d like and having it work out for us, we are being unkind?

Honestly, there is no value in “why?”  Seriously.  There isn’t.

And it’s interesting to look at our choice(s) and ask if that is something we’d like to continue to choose.

Playing Small

We choose to play small in order to be kind.  We play small so we don’t pass up those in our lives we care about.  We don’t desire to make them feel badly or hurt them, so we play small to be kind.

It’s all a lie! Big…fat…LIE!

We’re actually doing those people a huge disservice!  And we’re doing a MEGA disservice to us!

The Limitation

We create a massive limitation here because we believe that anytime things have worked out for US that it must have hurt someone else.


Right now!  Seriously!

The Truth

When we go for what we would like in life and hit our targets, when we claim our awesomeness and our life works out in some way because of the choices we make, we actually create a new possibility for those around us!  We live a living where they can see the choices we make and know that those choices are possible for them as well.

They see that life can work out and no one dies!  …Or gets hurt or whatever.

They see that choice is possible!  That something else is out there and attainable.  Would you be willing to claim that gift that you can be to others?  Would you let go of the lie that by playing small you aren’t hurting anyone?

In Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!

How does it get even better than this?!?!


Comments on: "Being Unkind" (6)

  1. Another brilliant awareness and blog by Sarah!! How did we get so lucky today? Thank you!!

  2. Good one, Sarah! I’m going to have to give it a lot more thought. I think I have it licked in some areas, but not in others. Why do I think that my choices are limited? I’m going to leave that behind and choose again! I ❤ you ConciousChicks!

  3. Thanks Caren for your contribution to our blog. How does it get any better than this?

    An additional comment in regards to Sarah’s blog:
    I actually had an interesting interaction with a friend today where she viewed expressing a different opinion from mine as being unkind. I mean how many of us were taught to not challenge or voice a different opinion. I certainly was…I remembered an old adage, “if you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.” Just because its not the same opinion doesn’t mean its not nice just different. All just interesting point of views for sure.

    What would the world be like if all of us are willing to be who we choose to be with no judgments and conclusions?
    What else is possible?

  4. Lynda Kilian said:

    Yes, Maggie! I love your last comment, “what would the world be like if all of us are willing to be who we choose to be with no judgements and conclusions?”

    I have tried to put that out there to so many people. I truly believe if that message alone could be heard and people actually start to live it, our world would be a wonderful, magical place, at all times.

    What would it take for me to finally sit down and write that Access song I’ve been choosing not to write….for what reason? Maybe it’s because I’m judging myself that I’m not good enough to write that song. So I’m going to destroy and uncreate all that right now!

  5. LOL, I’m glad you’re aware of your own judgments, Lynda…how does it get even better than that? Now…what else would you like to choose? What if you’re willing to have allowance for you and be kind for you? What would that create?
    EJG, babe!! Gratitude for you!

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