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Money: “of course I love and care for you, the question is are you willing to receive it?”

Do you notice that our relationship with money seems to be based on tug of war?

Sometimes we tug and gain some and have more money and sometimes we lose some and have less money? So why is it that we seem to never really have peace and communion with money? What’s right about this are we not getting?

Basically, this reality sees money as something necessary to live. We must have it or we can’t really have a good life. We’ve been taught that money is not easy to get. You need to have to go to school, work really hard, and then only then can you have money. (U mm, let me tell you this. I did all that how come money still doesn’t leak from my faucet? LOL).

Lets look at money from a different perspective? What if money actually desires to contribute and add to your life? What if the only thing that is stopping you from having more money is actually your fixed points of view.

Here’s an example… if we’ve decided somewhere in our mind that making money has to be hard, can you receive money when it’s easy, when you’re not working hard for it? Probably not huh, since our point of views create our reality.

Sooo…what fixed point of view about money do you have that if you’re willing to let go of it would create a completely different financial reality?

Are you willing to consider a different possibility? I mean I know worrying about it doesn’t seem to work. So why not try something new and if that doesn’t create a change we can always go back to worrying. Thank goodness for choice. How does it get any better than that?

P.S. What’s the value of never letting money love, care and take care of you? (Would you destroy and un-create all those points of views please?)

We, the Conscious Chicks enjoy reading feedback, questions, comments, etc if you’ve got ’em.

Thank you come again. What else is possible?


the other Conscious Chicky 😀


Comments on: "“I love you money, will you love me too?”" (9)

  1. It’s all true, Maggie! Years ago I found myself in a financial mess with no way out (that I could see). I gave up worrying about it and ever since, I always have enough money to do whatever I want to do. Somehow, I have learned to trust that whatever money I will need will be there when I need it, and that’s what happens! If I could let go enough to apply this to everything in my life, I would be perfect. 😉 LOL!

  2. Overflowing with gratitude for you Maggie!!! And I did “all that” too and money doesn’t leak from my faucet either. Hmmm…wonder where else it could come out of?? Anyway…other questions:

    What would it take for us to allow money to come to us with ease and joy and glory at all times, now and into the future??
    What other choices can we make to have a completely different monetary reality?
    What are the infinite possibilities money could be the lover I always wanted?

    hehehe….SO grateful!!!

  3. NICE! I had to laugh when I read ‘worrying about it doesn’t seem to work. So why not try something new and if that doesn’t create a change we can always go back to worrying.’ That’s so true! I’ve found when I get caught up in the worries, I take a Bach Flower Essence and that calms me down, and then I can begin to see my way out of the worries. 😉


    Thx for posting!

  4. Lynda Kilian said:

    Just recently the magic showed itself to me. Sarah knows about this. About month or so ago, my accountant told me that we would have to pay in an additional $10K in taxes by the end of the year. I was “freaking out” and then it occurred to me to ask a question…what would it take for an additional 10K to show up in my life. By the end of the day, the accountant told me he had made a mistake and miscalculated our income and we were just fine. No additional taxes were due. In addition to that, within a couple weeks, my husband won two new contracts, which brought in an additional $10K…how much better can it get?

    • WOW!! Lynda, I didn’t know about the new contracts!! SUPER coolness! How does it get even better than that?!??!

      Amazing how when we ask a question…and remain open to whatever shows up…things can show up! Way to go.

  5. Wow, how cool are you, Lynda!! Thank you for reminding us again that when we choose to ask we can also receive. How does it get even better than this and what else is possible? 😀

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