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On a telecall with the lovely Wendy Hart, I received an interesting bit of information that knocked me on my ass and left me spinning.  It made perfect sense…and scrambled my brain to mush.  Ever had that happen?


Dictionary.com has one definition of understanding as:

mental process of a person who comprehends; comprehension

And there are many more….if you really must know, visit dictionary.com and take a peek.


One definition on dictionary.com for choice is:

an act or instance of choosing; selection

Again, there are more.

Understanding Limits Choice

Really?  Yes.  Really.

If it was required that the operator of a vehicle understand an internal combustion engine, how many people would actually drive?

If it was a requirement to understand the electrical currents behind the walls in order to turn on the lights, how many would flip the switch?

WOW!  Sit on that one a minute…I’ll wait…it knocked my socks off.


We are very cute!  So many times we would like to understand something before we choose to move ahead.  We would like to know more, gather information, whatever all that is.  And in the meantime, we aren’t choosing!

How cute are we??

Pretty damn cute.

Something different

What if, from this day forward, you just choose?  What if you forget understanding everything and just choose?  How different might your life be if you just freakin’ choose???

Nevermind….you wouldn’t desire to have your life show up in a whole new and wonderful way.  Nah…don’t do it.  Keep on chasing the illusive “understanding.”

Much Gratitude,
One Conscious Chick!

What else is possible??


Comments on: "Understanding" (2)

  1. Oh, man….this one’s doozy. How did I get so lucky to receive this today? Thank you, Sarah!! How cool are you to share this with all of us. I’m gonna need my Bars run after this now. LOL…how does it get any better?

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